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Croatian Scientific Portal is an attempt to consolidate information on Croatian scientists, their work and scientific projects with the goal to promote and popularize science in Croatia. More

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Croatian Scientific Bibliography (CROSBI)

Digital repository CROSBI collects all papers published by Croatian researchers since 1996. The repository currently has over 200.000 bibliografic records and over 5.000 full-text documents. Every paper is assigned to the unique identifier of a researcher, institution, research project, and subject field, which assures rich searching and browsing possibilities.


Who's who in Science in Croatia

Who's Who in Science in Croatia provides up-to-the-minute biographies and bibliographies of Croatian scientists in the areas of business, law, science, medicine, the arts, government, entertainment and more. Project represents an attempt to unify in one place all the information about Croatian scientists. The information about more then 5.000 Croatian scientist are available at the present. The main goal is to promote Croatian scientists in country and abroad, and to improve communication and information exchange between scientists themselves.


Portal of Croatian Scientific Journals (Hrčak)

HRČAK is an OAI-PMH repository of papers published in Croatian scholarly journals. Primary intention of the HRČAK project was to offer the network tool for e-journal creation for numerous Croatian publishers. Nowdays HRČAK is very popular repository with more then 20.000 full-text articles in OA published in 160 Croatian journals, harvested by many other thematic and interdisciplinary OAI repositories.


Promotion of Open Access in Croatia

By publishing papers scientists are showing and proving their work and they are enabling others to use their results in their own works. Only the richest institutions are able to secure access to all needed magazines, so learning and access to scientific production for most users are not always available and easy. Open access changes that.


Science in Croatia

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